Ramadan Camping for the Scout UKM Model

Yogyakarta, 06/19/2016. Annually Ramadan Camping of conducted by Student Activities Unit (UKM) Scout UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. This event was held in the village of Scout guidance, namely Bungmanis, Village Pucanganom, Rongkop, Gunung Kidul Regency.
Activities that only lasts for 4 days (16-19 June 2016) established the concept of the Camping of Ramadan with a number of activities, including Tabligh Akbar, playing with children of quranic education , tadarus, boarding lightning, cooking together with residents, as well as assisting the daily activities of citizens.
Since over three years, Student Activities Unit (UKM) improve the village Bung Manis so that the residents are very supportive of this activity and welcomes with joy and enthusiasm. Even the village chief scout Susdiyanto expect that Student Activities Unit (UKM) will always accompany his village, given the presence of the youth in oder that his village will be dynamics he added.
Event Camping of Ramadan is one of the Service Sector public policy that aims to develop the potential members of the Scout Movement of Tri Bina, especially building societies.
Hopefully, by the devotion of UKM Scouting encourages student member scout easier learning society actually and quickly interact each other, and it also helps students better prepared when deployed formally by the campus while taking the programs of the students training from LP2M compared with students who have never interacted with villagers, said the leader of UKM for woman, Maharani .
It is expected that there many members do a lot of interaction with the citizens to share knowledge and experiences with each other and help solve the problems in the village.
The event was closed with making breakfasting together with residents in the Al-Fatah Mosque Bungmanis, and presenting the cleric M Dani Habibi from Ponpes Wahid Hasyim to deliver speech in order that the citizens also gain knowledge and adequate knowledge.
Vice Chairman of the Al-Fatah Mosque Takmir express admiration for the implementation of this activity, "I represent the people of Bungmanis thank you for holding this event. Hopefully there is always magic in every good scout brother did, although only briefly done." Said Mr. Wakino Vice Chairman of Takmir Masjid Al-Fatah. (Rtm)