Quality Assurance

As a quality institution of higher education, the State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga is committed to developing integrated-interconnective Islamic and scientific studies with the goal of producing competitive graduates of good character.  


Quality Objectives:

  1. Minimally 50% of research conducted should address the integration-interconnection of Islamic Studies and scientific knowledge.

  2. Educational staff should publish ten scholarly works internationally per year.

  3. Seventy percent of graduates will be employed within their field of study within one year of graduation.

  4. On-time study minimally 80%.

  5. Work Index for lecturers> 3.0 minimally 90%.

  6. Graduates will be able to communicate globally (minimal TOEFL score 450 and TOAFL’s minimum score 70 with a 100% scale) minimally 80%.

  7. Graduates should be able to apply information technology minimally 80%.