Vision, Mission and Goals


Provide superior education in the integration and development of Islamic studies and science for civilization.



  1. To integrate and develop Islamic Studies, science, and Indonesianness in education and teaching.
  2. To develop a culture of ijtihad in multidisciplinary research that is beneficial for both academic and community needs.
  3. To increase the institutional role in solving national issues, based in Islamic and scientific insight for the realization of a civil society.
  4. To build trust and develop cooperative partnerships with a number of parties to lead to better implementation of the Three Principles of Higher Education.



  1. To produce scholars with integrative and interconnective academic and professional abilities.
  2. To produce scholars who are people of faith and good character; possess social aptitude, managerial capacity and entrepreneurial spirit as well as a sense of social responsibility.
  3. To produce scholars who appreciate and will enliven the values of science and humanity.
  4. To elevate the university as a superior center of study in the realm of integrative-interconnective teaching and research.
  5. To develop strong and functional networks with our alumni.