Philosophy of the UIN Sunan Kalijaga Logo


The UIN logo represents a sunflower with two leaves growing from its stalk. The flower’s petals are formed by a classical Islamic ornamental design. The left leaf of the flower is a visualization of the letter ‘U’, the stem represents the letter ‘I’ and the leaf to the right is shaped like the letter ‘N’, so that the logo reads U-I-N.

The logogram flower figure resembles the spider web symbol of the interconnectedness and integration between science and religion engraved in the mosaic icons that decorate the outer walls of UIN buildings. This design was adapted from the ornamentation found on the walls of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain during the time of Caliph Bani Umayah. Alahambra Palace was finished in the 14th Century, the period of Muhammad Yusuf (1333-1253) and Muhammad V, the Sultan of Granada (1353-1391) and the Nasar/Daulah Amar Dynasty (1231-1492). These ornamental arts strongly influenced the design of a number of buildings in both the East and the West. This integration of East and West is intended to represent the vision and mission of UIN to minimize the dichotomy of knowledge to work towards integration and interconnection of the disciplines of knowledge for civilizational excellence.The ornament’s motif refers to the high level of artistry found in Islamic cultures of the East and the European cultures of the West, and is a symbol of the integration and interconnection. On examination, many of the ornaments found on the buildings at UIN have the two foursquare design as their basis.

The visual of the flower was chosen as the basic shape of the logo because it is a symbol of beauty, fragrance, harmony, balance and goodness. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala loves beauty and sweet scents because Allah SWT is the most good and the most sweet-scented. This implies that UIN always provides beauty to its surrounding environment, and this fragrance is always at play through all of its actions. It also demonstrates that UIN Sunan Kalijaga truly intends to integrate the spirit and character of humanity that reflects rahmatan lil ‘alamin.

The silver-golden petals of the flower take their color from precious metals, demonstrating luxury, respect, glory, immortality, perpetuity, loyalty and devotion.  The implication of this symbolism is to represent incisive thinking, greatness of ideals, a generous nature, brilliance, and a spirituality that will support excellence. These colors symbolize luxury and wealth in the form of deep knowledge, wealth of character, maturity, and local wisdom, and the hope that UIN Sunan Kalijaga will achieve superiority as a leading institution while retaining civility and humility.

The green leaves in the logo typify community, freshness, naturalness and renewal. Green is a color of hope, growth, birth, prosperity, fertility and regeneration through unending innovation.  The color green also displays the historical continuity in the transformation of the institution through time. It also contains a religious message drawn from surat Al-Insan (76) : 21 and Al-Kahfi (18) : 31 which reports that the inhabitants of heaven are clothed in green.

This logo is patented by Letter of Decree from the Directorate General of Intellectual Rights (HAKI) from the Ministry of Law and HAM RI Number 048369 dated August 27, 2010; and by Letter of Decree from the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia Number 110 2011 regarding the Logo of UIN Sunan Kalijaga.