Values Based Policy Making Workshop and The Establishment of Forum for Master of Islamic Education Forum PTKIN All over Indonesia

As a form of initiation ON the formation of associations, Masters Program in the Faculty of Science and Teaching Tarbiyah UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, Workshop Values ??Based Policy Making and the establishment of Islamic education forum PTKIN for master program managers in Indonesia in cooperation with The Asia Foundation. This event was taken place for two days, Tuesday-Wednesday 6-7 September 2016 at the Hotel Grand Aston Yogyakarta and was attended by 23 managers PTKIN master programs of Islamic education in Indonesia.

Keynote speech was delivered by the Rector of UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta Prof. Drs. K.H YudianWahyudi, M.A., Ph.D. Furthermore, in the series of workshops the committee has presented five speakers were divided into three discussion sessions. The first session, as resource person is Dean of FITK Dr. Ahmad Arifi, M.Ag and as an education expert Prof. Dr. Sutrisno entitled The Ministry of Policy Development Master Program in Indonesia.

The second session, discuss the Values-Based Policy Making and Design for Change with speakers from From The Asia Foundation are Dr. Budi Munawar Rahman and Dr. Muqowim. In the third session is presented by Prof. Dr. Amin Abdullah entitled Value-Based Management of Islamic Education and Challenges Modernist. Meanwhile, in the formation of communication business forum Masters of Islamic Education around Indonesia, it was established first team of representatives formation from participants for each region. It was taken through only election by the formation team that can form a manager of master on Islamic Education Forum and the Association of PTKIN on Islamic Education

Lecturer of Master Program in Indonesia. (PR)