The Role of State Islamic University Yogyakarta in Indonesia - Azerbaijan Cooperation

In order to introduce and develop multicultural communities in Indonesia and Azerbaijan, so it was initiated letter of intense (memorandum of commitment) between the two parties. This agreement were represented by Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia Raw, DR. Husnan Bey Fananie and Rector of the Qafqaz University Prof. Azzad Mamadov at the Department of Multiculturalism, Baku, Azerbaijan, Monday (26/12) yesterday.
Ambassador of Indonesia Husnan Fananie Bey said the deal would establish concrete cooperation between the two countries in the field of multicultural society. The two parties will also exchange experiences related to the implementation of multiculturalism in both countries. In addition, the agreement is committed to prepare courses, study program, comparative study and training on issues of multiculturalism.
These conditions encourage the Department of Multiculturalism in Azerbaijan invited four Indonesian academics to share their experiences of multicultural under the theme: Azerbaijan Indonesia Experience Sharing on Multicultural Society. They are Dr. Munawar Ahmad (State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga ), Dr.Chaider SB (State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah), Prof. Usman and Sofwan, MA.
Previously, during at Azerbaijan, Indonesian academics delivered the seminar in the Qafqaz University. In the occasion, Dr. Munawar presented a paper titled "Candy's Bowl: To Seek Political Diversity In Multicultural Society Learn From Indonesia Experience". He described a wide variety of political diversity in this world. But basically it consists of three forces, namely the value, the power structure and social capital.

Munawar added, through the experience of Indonesia who fall and up in keeping the diversity since 1945, it is necessary to continue reconstructing the intelligent political models of diversity. It's imperative for Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan one of the countries on the shore of the Caspian lake which is the Soviet separation State on December 1, 1991. There, feel how important multicultural management, thus formally established agencies under the president Ilham Aliyev, ministerial level, namely the multicultural Department. The institute is responsible for managing the social, development and controlling of multicultural relations and pluralism in Azerbaijan (ch / PR).