National Festival of Qur'an and Islamic Art 2017 at UIN-SUKA Yogyakarta

In order to commemorate its 19th anniversary, students under the Student Activity Unit (SME) Jam'iyyah al-Qurra 'wa al-Huffazh (JQH) al-Mizan UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta held a National Qur'an and Islamic Arts Festival 2017. This event was followed by delegations from 34 universities throughout Indonesia, and greeted by prominent figures, artists, and musicians nationwide.

The activities were started from October 26 to November 1, 2017 comprising of various events and competitions. Such as a National Dialogue by presenting the prominent figures of organizations, politics and clerics. They are Prof. Dr. Ni'matul Huda, S. H., M.H, KH. Abdul Muhaimin, and Dr. KH. Malik Madany, M. A. The dialogue discussed how to build unity among people with the Spirit of Unity in Diversity (Bhineka Tunggal Ika) and Qur'anic values by exploring the latest issues happening in Indonesia that threaten the unity of Indonesia and what are the role of Muslims in preventing it.

Another activity is a workshop on Tilawah National to deepen the science of recitations. This activity is guided by Ustadz. Ahmad Muhajir, S. Q., a qari ' and one of juror at International Qur’anic rectations competition (MTQ) in Makkah. "Learning recitations must be done with sincere and genuine intentions, and should pay attention to three things, they are: First, Reading al-Qur'an should not be fixated on the song that was delivered, but must pay attention to the rules of tajwid that apply. As for the song, is the art that beautify the reading. Secondly, learning recitations must be guided by the teacher (talaqqiy). Third, it must be done consistently. " Other activities were merrier by the participation of Qur’anic kindergarten kids who participate in some competitions such as: adzhan and Iqamah, the shortest Memory Letters, Coloring, and Fashion Show. It also showed the Hadrah Parade of DIY Mothers from the SME-supported groups JQH al-Mizan. FASI Competition is located in front of Polyclinic UIN Sunan Kalijaga and enlivened by Kalijaga Fair (bazaar), starting from culinary, fashion, accessories, books and others.

The activities officially opened by UIN Rector Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta Prof. Drs. Kyai Haji Yudian Wahyudi, M.A, Ph.D. The Grand Opening begins with the Cultural Eclairs of delegations of 34 universities from all over the archipelago . The 2017 FSQN core event is enlivened with a number of competitions including the Musabaqah Syarkh al-Qur'an, Musabaqah Khatt al-Qur'an, Musabaqah Qiraat al-Kutub, and new competition branches such as Musabaqah Tilawat Al-Qur'an for Group and Musabaqah Hifzh al- The Qur'an Battle was held simultaneously on Tuesday (31/10). A total of 255 delegates from 34 universities participated in the five branches of this competition.(Sh)