Fostering love to the country: UIN Sunan Kalijaga Students Join Expedition of Nusantara Jaya 2017

To foster the spirit of love to the country, the Ministry of Maritime Republic of Indonesia holds Youth Expedition for Nusantara Jaya. This event invites 3000 youths from across Indonesia to attend a spectacular event of ENJ 2017. Among the youth, 23 people are students of UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. The purpose of these activities is to introduce Indonesia's cultural and tourism potentials, explore personal potential, train leadership, train social awareness, increase state defenses, and increase the love of NKRI.

This event is held as a real action to give an exposure to those youth that Indonesia is the World Maritime Axis. ENJ 2017 presents the State through the young generation of the nation from Sabang to Merauke to visit to remote islands, and border areas of Indonesia. The exposure would raise youth awareness and love to the country to jointly build the country in the future.
Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Cooperation UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Dr. H. Waryono, M.Ag. Said this activity as a very important normatively because Indonesia has hundreds of islands, so that efforts to build and develop the community accross the nations can be done. This activity would give the youth experiences from the first hand about the richness of cultures and tourism potentials of the remote islands of Indonesia, said Dr. Waryono during the occasion of officially released the departure of Team ENJ UIN Sunan Kalijaga in Friday afternoon (11/8).

ENJ team coordinator of UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Al Hafidz Wahyudi from the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business revealed that the participants will conduct shipping and social activities on the Kangenan island for 10 days. "Program activities will be filled out including the distribution of books, clothes, prayer, and school equipment" said Hafidz.
According to Wahyudi joining the expedition is a fruitful opportunity and is a pride because those students can learn and live togehter the people in the remote islands, expose the beuty of the country and at the same time, become the delegates of UIN Sunan Kalijaga. " In our opinion, this activity something like community service, with a focus on maritime. The ultimate objective is Supporting the government's program to make Indonesia a maritime axis of the world" said Wahyudi, who was born in Banda Aceh.
ENJ team from UIN Sunan Kalijaga students consisting of 23 students, from the Faculty of Science Tarbiyah and Teaching, Faculty of Da'wa and Communication, Fakutlas Adab and Humanities, Faculty of Economics and Business Faculty of Islamic and Social Sciences and Humanities. They have gone through the selection stages, and preparation of departure. The team will travel to the village Kangean Island, Batu Gulok, Bilis Bilis, Arjasa subdistrict of East Java on Saturday (12/8). The route will pass through Banyuwangi and followed by maritime journey to Sumenep, Madura.