Presenting the case of Rohingya, UIN-UKA Students won the 3rd Champion in National Scientific Writing Competition

Numbers of national student competitions on Islamic studies are recently held in Indonesia. Students participation and their championship in some of the competitions have built their self esteem as well as increase their spirit to study more. Regarding national scientific writing competition on Qur’an that was held in Lampung University on November 17, 2017 ago, the team from UIN-SUKA which is represented by Afrida Arinal Muna, Muhammad Radya Yudantiasa, and Misbah Hudri from the Faculty of Ushuluddin and Islamic Thought won the 3rd winner.

The students present their paper entitled “Qur’anic View on Oppression (Case Study of Rohingya Moslem Community in Myanmar)”. Afrida stated that this paper was written as the response to the anxiety over the phenomenon of human -social problems. One of them is what happened in Myanmar. The conflict that occurs is based on discrimination because of differences in ethnicity and religion. The ethnic of Rohingya who are Muslims are not recognized and they are not granted with citizenship. They frequently experience acts of violence perpetrated by pro-government junta military and also by the government of Myanmar. The last conflict occurred on August 25, 2017 caused thousands of victims who was then fled to Bangladesh. However, long before that, the case of genocide against Rohingya Muslims has occurred since 1942.

Al-Qur’an clearly prohibit any kinds of oppression as it contradictory with maqashid as shari’a (the purpose of shari’a establishment). In the case of Rohingya, all aspects of basic human rights has been abused, including religion, life (soul), property, mind, and descent. For that reason, there should be efforts to solve that problems. Afrida stated further that the root causes of the problem is the lack of tolerant awareness among people from different backgrounds. When tolerant is bear as a value of life this tragedy would never happened. One solution offered by the group is by framing the concept of tabayyun in escorting tolerant values.

In that competition, the 1st winner achieved by the team from Institut Pertanian Bogor under the title “TEKO TUBA: Conservation technology in Tulang Bawang Watershed in Lampung based on Al-Qur’an”. The 2nd winner is gained by the team from Sebelas Maret University under the title “ Analysis for Aul case in division of inheritance Shura An Nisa verse 11-12 using Differential-integral calculus modeling”, while the 3rd winner gained by UIN-SUKA students.