Student Excursions : A Great Way to Get to Know Abroad Atmosphere

Singapore 29/4/2019 - A group of UIN Sunan Kalijaga students and lecturers visited Singapore and Malaysia for the academic excursion, studying the academic climate and student organizations in institutions and universities abroad. The group included 5 students of HMPS Da'wah and Communication Faculty, that accompanied by Deputy Deans I and III, Dr. Kholili and Dr. Rozaki, 6 students from the HMPS Faculty of Social and Humanities who were accompanied by Deputy Dean III, Dr. Sulistyaningsih. The trip was accompanied by two lecturers from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Dr. Esti Wahyu Widowati and Dr. Isma Kurniatanty, as well as several participants from the Faculty of Science and Technology and Postgraduate.

In Singapore, the group will visit ISEAS and the University of Liverpool, while in Malaysia they will be accepted by the Universiti Putra Malaysia andUniversiti Antarbangsa Selangor College (KUIS). This academic excursion was organized by the International Office (IO) of UIN Sunan Kalijaga. In 2019, IO planned 3 excursion groups. The next group will depart in September. More information about this activity will be uploaded at Greetings IO!