UNITI Representatives Offered Halal Training For Students And Lecturers Of UIN Sunan Kalijaga

Sleman, 6/20/2019, Representative from Universiti Kolej (UNITI-Malaysia) met with the Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Cooperation, Dr. Waryono M.Ag, to discussed the follow-up to the MoU in the field of halal awareness training. UNITI Representative by Hj. Ramlan Naim as Director of International Affairs and Rifqi Rahman (International Marketing Director).

UNITI representatives offered cooperation in the form of halal training for students and lecturers of UIN Sunan Kalijaga . This program is certified by JAKIM, Malaysia.

From UIN Sunan Kalijaga, the talk was represented by Dr. Imelda Fajriati and Jumailatus Sholihah, M.Si from the Halal Center. Halal Center welcomes the opportunity of this collaboration, but technically it will be discussed further. Halal Center, chaired by Prof. Dr. Makhrus Munajat, S.H, M.Hum., Is an institution in UIN that is engaged in guaranteeing halal products in the UIN environment and providing halal awareness to the wider community.

Dr. Waryono underlined that the cooperation will be carried out based on MOU and reciprocity so that it must be able to benefit both institutions. (ES)