SAVIOR II delegates follow lectures at UPM

The last two delegates of the SAVIOR II (Student’s Academic Visit to Foreign Countries II) were finally departed to Malaysia for twelve days, on December 8-19 2019. The two selected students were Aulia Putri Meidina (Communication and Islamic Broadcasting) and Dwi Pratiwi Fortuna Nurul Hafidhoh (Social Welfare Studies). They had the opportunity to attend classes at the Faculty of Human Ecology, Putra Malaysia University (UPM).

In addition to the opportunity to sit in several classes of the Faculty of Human Ecology, both students also had the opportunity to visit some important places in Malaysia, such as Putra Jaya, KLCC, Malacca and others. The Faculty of Ecology welcomed the arrival of the two students UIN Sunan Kalijaga by giving the best stewards they had.

During the SAVIOR II program in UPM, the two students live in a student residence located not far from the Faculty of Human Ecology, this makes the two truly feel the experience of being a student at that university. The experience of following the SAVIOR II program gave a distinctive impression for Aulia and Hafidhoh. Not only got the additional science through several classes followed but also got the opportunity to know the climate of lectures, culture and education systems that exist in Malaysia in general and in UPM in particular.

Aulia and Hafidhoh claimed to be very pleased with this SAVIOR program. This is because through such programs they got additional knowledge and an extraordinary experience. It certainly becomes a passionate drive for them to continuously improve their skills and continue education to a higher level again. The two hoped UIN Sunan Kalijaga can continue to hold a similar program with a wider range. (Aulia-Student)