Faculty of Dakwah and Communication UIN SUKA Will Launch the 4th iDACON

In this new media era, religious people are free to choose channels to learn religious content according to their own preferences. New religious authority also appears in this era in the form of popular conservative da’i who challenges traditional religious authority.

They packed da’wah with innovative ways by using social media platforms in order to attract more audiences, especially the young urban Muslims who tend to be passionate about pop culture and want to study religion instantly.

On the other hand, the appearance of this new religious authority induces reaction from the moderate religious group to present an opposing discourse. Within this context, new communication media and technology turns into a contest arena for religious authority.

This phenomenon is clearly against the secularization thesis by which we actually see the rise of religion in the public space. This new development then becomes an interesting topic to be studied academically by involving scholars from various countries so that the perspective may become more diverse.

It was spoken by the Dean of Dakwah and Communication Faculty of UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, Prof. Dr. Hj. Marhumah, M.Pd. (09/10/2020), when she was explaining the background of the 4th International Da’wah Conference (iDACON) event that will be held on November 10 and 11, 2020.

Different from the years earlier, iDACON 20 which features the theme “Da’wah Innovation for Prosperous Society: From Indonesia to the World” will be held online to ensure the whole series of activities are in accordance with the health protocol considering the current Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Through this iDACON 20, several socio-religious problems will be thoroughly studied starting from what the religion roles are in the context of new media, how the religious actors are involved and use the new media for da’wah purposes, to how the mediated religion can lead to the politics of religious polarization.

This conference will be opened directly by the Rector of UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, Prof. Dr.phil. Al Makin, M.A., and the Dean of Dakwah and Communication Faculty, Prof. Dr. Hj. Marhumah, M.Pd. Aside from opening the event, these two great professors will also take part as the speaker for the event.

Moreover, there will be prominent scholars from various countries attending the event. They are Dr. Rosalia Sciortino (Mahidol University, Thailand), Dr. Donohon Abdugafurova (Wake Forest University, USA), Rev. Dr. Simone Sinn (Lutheran World Federation, Switzerland), Msgr. Prof. Dr. Obiora Ike (Okoye University, Nigeria), dan Dr. Fatima Yang Guiping (Minzu University of China). (Weni/Dimas)