Ramadan Camping for the Scout UKM Model

Yogyakarta, 06/19/2016. Annually Ramadan Camping of conducted by Student Activities Unit (UKM) Scout UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. This event was held in the village of Scout guidance, namely Bungmanis, Village Pucanganom, Rongkop, Gunung Kidul Regency. Activities that only la.... More


Persatuan Pemuda Muslim Se-Eropa : Identity, Encouragement for Gi ...

The concerns of PPME encouraged its founders and supporters to expand its existence. It was established not only in the Netherlands (1971), but also in Germany (1973). This latter PPME could no longer prolong its existence after the 1990s due to its Indonesian political orientation and the absence o.... More

Contextualist Interpretation Toward the Qur’an Shura al-Ma’id ...

Literally, Q.S. al-Ma'idah: 51 tells about the prohibition of appointing the Christians and Jews as awliya '. The question is what is the meaning of the word? What was its historical context? And what are the moral ideas that may be contained in the verse? Before answering these questions, i.... More