CDCIA & Nuffic Neso Encouraged Students to Study Abroad

Sleman (14/2) International Office UIN Sunan Kalijaga in collaboration with Nuffic Neso presented the Holland Scholarship Info Session which was held in the 1st Floor Meeting Room at the Syaifuddin Zuhri Building. Nuffic Neso was represented by Indy Hardono who explained about the education potential in the Netherlands and the widely-opened StuNed scholarship opportunities. Previously, during a lunch reception with the Rector of UIN Sunan Kalijaga and the Director of the International Office of UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Indy explained that there are many scholarship opportunities for Indonesian students to study in the Netherlands, including opportunities for student exchange programs. Prof. K.H. Yudian Wahyudi, M.A, Ph.D warmly welcomed the various opportunities and underlined that UIN Sunan Kalijaga is open for the implementation of a collaborative program in the form of short term student exchanges and others.

Meanwhile, in the seminar session on Dutch scholarship, Indy explained that the Netherlands is a resilient country in utilizing its resources. The heritage of Dutch tenacity is reflected in the Dutch education system which is quite strict and reliable, where many universities in the Netherlands are ranked in the top 200 of the world. At the press conference session, Achmad Uzair, Ph.D as chairman of the International Office was accompanied by Dra. RTM Maharani, M.M as the Head of Cooperation, said that the opportunity for cooperation with the Netherlands needs to be increased in quantity at UIN Sunan Kalijaga. At the same moment, Dr. Waryono, M.Ag as the Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Cooperation explained that even though UIN bears the name of Islam, the carried out knowledge is not exclusive to Islamic Studies. Since the transformation of IAIN to UIN, UIN Sunan Kalijaga opened cooperation with various institutions with varied scientific fields, not only in the field of Islamic studies. In the future, collaboration with the Netherlands will be encouraged to go to World Class University in Islamic Studies, with Nuffic Neso as the door to the collaboration. (DP)