UIN Sunan Kalijaga is Trusted to Design a Religious Moderation Learning Module

The Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) trusted UIN Sunan Kalijaga to strengthen religious moderation. Within a dialogue on 3rd June 2021, between the Secretary-General of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion and UIN Sunan Kalijaga. The agreement stated that both parties agreed to carry out various collaborative activities to strengthen the religious moderation program. Specifically targeting the State Civil Apparatus(ASN), for example; Religious Leaders, Community Leaders, Youth Leaders, University Students, Students, Women's Institutions, Educators and Education Personnel, Religious Counselors, and the community.

The scope of activities includes;

  1. Preparation of the Implementation Module for Strengthening Religious Moderation; Organizing Workshops, Seminars, Training of Trainers (TOT), Live in Interfaith.

  2. Promotion of the Week of Religious Moderation.

  3. Developing Religious Moderation and Awareness of Harmony in Villages; Curriculum preparation, Designing Syllabus, and Religious Texts in Schools related to Religious Moderation.

  4. Other Program Activities related to Strengthening Religious Moderation and Harmony.

Editor : Nurul