Prof. Susiknan, MURI Record Holder Collector of Imsakiah Ramadhan Schedule

Alhamdulillah wa Syukurillah wala haula wala quwwata illa billah

Many years Prof. Susiknan collected various Imsakiyah Schedules in the World. Many challenges and obstacles are faced as well as a lot of knowledge that can be enjoyed. The pandemic period provides an opportunity to organize various collected Imsakiah Schedules so that it is easier to see them.

The Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) appreciates and gives awards to Prof. Susiknan as MURI Record Holder, Collector of Imsakiah Ramadhan Schedule from Most Countries.

One of the collections of Imsakiah Schedules that attracts MURI is the Imsakiah Schedule which is 85 years old according to the hijri calendar or 83 years according to the syamsiah calendar. Precisely the Imsakiyah schedule which was published in 1357 H / 1938 AD.

Hopefully these results inspire and benefit the progress of the study of Islamic astronomy.

Lain Syakartum Laazidannakum walain kafartum inna adzabi lasyadid. Rabbighfirli wahabli mulkan la yanbaghi li ahadin min ba'da innaka antal Wahhab. (IO/Editor : Nurul)