At the start of this odd semester UKM SPBA (Studi dan Pengembangan Bahasa Asing) UIN Sunan Kalijaga held a national-level competition and cultural performance. Language and Culture Festival (FBB), a routine event organized by UKM SPBA UIN SunanKalijaga. FBB held a competition of 3 languages, namely Arabic, English, and French. In addition to national level competitions, this event was also enlivened by the appearance of cultures in Indonesia such as student organizations in West Java, Riau Islands, Jambi, and others.

The committee also invited all UKM in the campus environment. The event was held on September 19-21, 2019 which was located around the campus area, such as the UIN SunanKalijaga Convention Hall, Language Development Center, Ushuluddin Faculty Theatrical, Sharia Faculty and Law Theatrical, Old Rectorate Lt.3, Teatrikal Faculty of Da'wah and Communication, and the Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business. On this occasion the FBB brought the theme "A Million Languages, A Thousand Cultures in Special Regions". The existence of competitions and events as a forum for the development of interests and talents in the field of foreign languages ​​for junior high school, senior high school and university students throughout Indonesia as well as a place of creativity for internal members of UKM SPBA.

The foreign language competition held by FBB consists of 10 fields in English, Arabic and French. Competitions in English namely Skeptic (English Debate), Story telling, Essays, and speeches. Then the competition in Arabic is debates, poems, essays and speeches. Whereas in French, the musicalisation of poetry and story telling. The three-day series of events will be filled with competitions and cultural performances. On the first day there was the opening of the event in the Convention Hall which was opened by Mr. Waryono as Deputy Rector 3 of UIN SunanKalijaga, a cultural parade and a foreign language race. The cultural parade was led directly by the Student Activity Unit of the Menwa Student Regiment UIN SunanKalijaga, representatives of UKM, regional organizations and committees.

For the second day there was a foreign language competition which continued from the first day. While the third day there was a cultural day that was held in front of the polyclinic which was enlivened by telant from several communities and art galleries in Yogyakarta. And the last is the excitement of the peak night as well as the announcement of the championship and SPBA Anniversary which will be enlivened by 6 regional organizations from West Java, Lombok, Riau Islands, Sampang, South Sulawesi, and Gayo Aceh as guest stars.

"Alhamdulillah, this year's FBB could be more lively because it was participated by 58 agencies from Indonesia and Malaysia as participants, also from several regional organizations in Yogyakarta who also enlivened the culture they performed," said Rifky as chairman of the 2019 FBB committee. also supported by the Office of Culture, Sleman Regent, Mayor of DIY, Kapolda DIY, UIN SunanKalijaga Rector and several companies engaged in commercial, service and funding companies. We as the committee would like to thank all parties involved for the implementation of the Language and Culture Festival so that it can be held well and smoothly. (Aulia-Khabib/humas)